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Improve your User Experience through a Smart Utilization of Network Resources

Internet resources have expanded tremendously in the last two decades. This expansion has fed a growing appetite for ever richer services. Committing more resources to meet the demand is not enough for the enterprise. The solution is to deploy resources judiciously, and to allocate them dynamically.

A judicious network deployment ensures a great user experience 24/7 under normal conditions. It cannot, however, prevent a degradation of the service when an Internet link gets heavily congested, or a node fails. All enterprise network traffic deserves service, but urgencies and requirements depend on the applications, and on the business intent. During those rare but critical moments, a smart dynamic allocation of resources makes the difference your business needs.

Enter Clevernet

  • Clevernet captures your business intent into a set of priorities and policies (both at the application and user level). Those policies, transparent during periods of low resource utilization, kick in automatically under congestion.
  • Clevernet shores up your Internet access, making it more robust, reliable, and secure.
  • Extensive traffic monitoring makes Clevernet aware of the context – both of the enterprise network itself, and the Internet at large. A control system powered by machine learning techniques prevents early signs of congestion from developing into troublesome scenarios.

Clevernet global optimization integrates seamlessly at the Enterprise-to-Enterprise, Enterprise-to-Cloud, and Cloud-to-Cloud levels.



  • Traffic prioritization to meet business goals
  • Adaptive assignment of flows to connections
Smart Traffic Management

Actionable Context Awareness

  • Flexible resource scheduling
  • Smart Traffic Management


  • Secured Multiple VPN
  • Flexible and Adaptable Encryption


  • Real-time Network Health Monitoring
  • Interactive Dashboard – alerts, reports