Clevernet’s technology follows the principle “make things simple, not simpler”. It is based on three pillars:

  • Solid understanding of network protocols, their interactive feedback loops, and the actionable control points.
  • Linking business intent, context awareness, and policies that react to bring up the best real-time performance.
  • Machine Learning (ML) techniques that integrates of all the “moving parts” (real-time monitoring, business-driven policies, context awareness) to achieve the best possible performance.

Ease of Deployment and Performance Improvement

On today's hyper-connected internet, Clevernet intelligent network access system provides the best way to achieve high throughput, low losses and minimum RTT without modification of the network infrastructure. Just deploy our appliance on the endpoints (headquarters and branch offices). Our intelligent system reacts to almost any network scenario, using the best combination of available private links and internet.

Value of the Technology

Clevernet technology delivers

  • Business process QoS where prioritization is based not just on application type but the specific business process and intent. Business-critical voice calls, such as from executive or sales, can be prioritized over other calls; file transfers, normally given low priority, can be prioritized when involving mission-critical processes, such as an engineering team transferring design files for an impending product release.
  • Highest level of policy abstraction where route policy definition can use familiar groups, such as departments, teams, and usernames. Identity naturally extends network policies to the user regardless of the particular devices being used or the location - whether in the office or on the road. This simplifies network management as policies are easier to define, and fewer policies need be instantiated and maintained.
  • Business-centric network visibility allows detailed insight into the activity for all business entities - sites, groups, hosts, office users and mobile users. IT can quickly see how business entities use the network to help with network planning and scaling.