Employees Can Work From Home As If They Were At The Office

Clevernet Remote

A Faster, More Secure and Reliable Internet for Teleworkers

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VPN made better

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Given the social alarm, economic disruption, and business challenges caused by the growth of COVID-19, Clevernet has accelerated the launch of Clevernet Remote to make it available immediately to all employees working from home.

Clevernet Remote is a technology based on our classic internet optimization software--already being used in many organizations worldwide.

Our patented technologies make Clevernet Remote faster, more secure and reliable than any traditional corporate VPN.

Why Clevernet Remote is the best option for your business

Simple installation

Clevernet Remote is already easy to install but includes an onboarding engineer and continuous technical support.

Faster home internet speeds

Commonly, employees have less bandwidth capability at home. Corporate VPN connections are often ineffective since they significantly slow down the internet.Clevernet Remote does just the opposite, considerably speeding up employees’ throughput from the home.

Best security for sensitive data

Some businesses like hospitals, banks and insurance companies cover highly confidential material and need extra protection.Clevernet Remote provides impenetrable man-in-the-middle security.

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Clevernet Remote installation is quick and simple. The purchase of this software includes an onboarding engineer and ongoing technical support. Clevernet Remote is compatible with Windows 10, Linux and Apple MacOS version 10 or higher.

*Offers valid until April 17th, 2020

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